Pediatric Dental Extractions

Ensuring Comfortable Tooth Extractions for Kids in Chester Springs

As moms and dads, we always want to make sure our kids stay healthy and strong. At Eagle Family Smiles in Chester Springs, PA, we have dentists who will do everything possible to save your child’s teeth. However, there are situations where removing one or more teeth is the best possible option for dental care. In such cases, our team of experts will gently remove the tooth/teeth through simple extraction procedures.

A simple extraction is a procedure that removes a tooth that has erupted through the gums and is visible in the mouth. Our dentists may recommend simple extractions for baby teeth that are blocking permanent teeth or to remove severely decayed or damaged teeth. If your child needs to have a tooth taken out because it’s causing a problem, our team will take good care of them. We will be kind and understanding, and make sure they receive the best treatment possible.


Our pediatric dental team understands that children often feel nervous and anxious about dental procedures, even if they are quick. That’s why we focus on putting your child’s fears to rest and making them smile. Our dentist uses a painless approach to numb the area and ensure that your child remains calm throughout the procedure.

The Need for a Dental Extraction

Our dentists take every opportunity to save damaged teeth with fillings, pediatric crowns, or other treatment options. However, if your child has a severely damaged tooth or a tooth that is blocking the permanent tooth to erupt, tooth extraction may be recommended to restore their dental wellness. We often remove teeth for different reasons. Some teeth are badly damaged or have a lot of decay, so we take them out. We also remove teeth that have infections or baby teeth that are stopping the adult teeth from coming in properly. Sometimes, we remove teeth to make more room in the mouth or to help with braces. After removing a tooth, we might suggest using a special device called a space maintainer to keep the space open.

Dental Extraction Procedure

We know there are unique needs of children and are pleased to offer expertise in treating your child’s oral health needs. While we use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, our trained team can administer nitrous oxide gas or oral conscious sedation to allow your child to experience a pleasant and comfortable visit. Your child’s tooth extraction will be gently performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your son or daughter requires a tooth extraction due to an abscess or infection, our dentists may prescribe antibiotics to help bring health back to their smile.

Trust the emergency dentist in Chester Springs for your child’s emergency dental care needs. Schedule a visit with Dr. Makhani and our team at Eagle Family Smiles, the family dentist in Chester Springs that you and your family can trust.

What Is The Recovery Process After A Dental Extraction?

Following a simple tooth extraction, the recovery process may vary based on the complexity of the procedure. If your child underwent oral-conscious sedation, they may experience slight drowsiness during the first few hours after the appointment. Our team at Eagle Family Smiles will provide your child with thorough aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. It is recommended that your child avoids spitting or using straws and instead opts for soft, room-temperature foods for the initial few days. To alleviate any swelling or discomfort after the extraction, cold compresses and over-the-counter medications may be used. In certain cases, our dentists may recommend a space maintainer to retain the area left by the extracted tooth until the permanent tooth erupts. During your child’s routine visits to Eagle Family Smiles, we will closely monitor their healing and oral health.

Will My Dental Insurance Cover Pediatric Tooth Extractions?

Dental insurance policies often cover tooth extractions; however, sedation methods may not be included. Prior to your child’s tooth extraction procedure, our friendly team at Eagle Family Smiles will contact your insurance provider to estimate any uncovered expenses or out-of-pocket costs.

How Can I Get My Child Ready For Having A Tooth Pulled Out?

To prepare your child for tooth extraction, our team at Eagle Family Smiles suggests the following tips:

  • Stay positive
  • Encourage your child to ask our dentist any questions they may have about their treatment
  • Bring your child’s comfort items from home

We understand that the idea of a tooth extraction can be intimidating for children. Whether we are extracting a damaged or loose tooth or removing it to make space, our team prioritizes your child’s safety and comfort.

How Painful Is A Tooth Extraction For Children?

To minimize any discomfort, a local anesthetic will be administered around the affected tooth. Your child may experience some pressure during the extraction process, but overall, they should feel little to no pain. If you believe your child requires a pediatric dental extraction, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at our Chester Springs office.

What Can My Child Eat Post Tooth Extraction?

As your child’s mouth heals, our team at Eagle Family Smiles recommends consuming soft foods such as mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, eggs, smoothies, and steamed vegetables. Before leaving our office, we will provide detailed aftercare instructions to aid your child’s recovery.

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