We are grateful for the positive feedback we have received from our patients. Here are a few of the things they have said about us:

“This place is awesome! I am very nervous dental patient and I just had two fillings done and not once felt nervous at all. The doctor is awesome. He is just looking for what’s best for you and not anything extra. It is so easy to contact office staff and she is awesome with rescheduling/billing and everything needed. I drive 30 minutes to come here and will continue to drive. It is 100 percent worth it. My daughter also had an issue with her tooth -took over a year to grow In. I was very concerned. The doctor was spot on with his response told me it will come in and did not use any unnecessary treatments. It did come in exactly like he said. I love it here and I love how everything is truthful ,honest and not a nickel and dime place. They all really care about the person. I recommend 100%. You will love it.”

- Danielle F

“Despite having dental insurance for many years, I avoided going to the dentist out of extreme fear and anxiety. Inevitably, I had an emergency with multiple teeth at the same time. Eagle family smiles was able to find time to see me, listen to my fears, make me comfortable and provide a temporary resolution to the teeth issues. They were extremely friendly and comforting and explained every step that they would perform. We made a plan for the next few weeks to get everything “permanently” fixed and I even went in for a cleaning. The dentist and all of the staff are EXCELLENT and I recommend them 100%. The facility is very nice, modern and clean. While I still have anxiety (who doesnt), I am back on track and will maintain my appts there for years to come.”

- Andy B

“I haven’t had great experiences with dentists and oral surgeons in the past, so to say I was nervous looking for a new dentist is an understatement, but I’m glad I found Dr. Makani and the Eagle Family Smiles team! I’ve had regular cleaning appointments and other dental work done here over the last year, and each experience was great! Dr Makani explained the entire process of my procedure and was great even after when I called in with questions. Definitely recommend Eagle Family Smiles!!”

- Keely M

“I hate the Dentist, most people do. However, this has been my best dental experience to-date, and I am no spring chicken, I’ve been around! Great staff, friendly, but not over-the-top. The TV’s on the wall and ceiling are a total game changer. Also, the first time EVER a Dental practice has proactively contacted me BEFORE my appointment and let me know what I would be paying! Seriously, pardon the pun, but in my previous experience, it’s like “pulling teeth” to get an accurate understanding of costs before the work begins. This practice keeps you at ease and is a great all round experience, I am glad I switched. Keep up the great work.”

- Robert J

“I am very pleased with my experience here. Dr Makani and his team is excellent!
Some other dental practices in the area recommend unnecessary and expensive treatments. Dr Makani is very thorough and professional and would recommend procedures only if truly indicated. Highly recommend this dentist. They have outstanding front staff, hygienists who are very accommodating with your schedule and requests”

- M V

“Nicest dentist I have ever seen. Took great care to make sure I was ok the entire time I was in the chair. Office staff is great and Mimi, the DA was the best. She held my hand and made me feel so much better. Dr knows exactly what he needs to do and goes over it before you even get one shot. (btw…I am 48 years old….A big baby pretty much)”

- Heather H

“I am so grateful to Dr. Makani. My teeth are not in good shape by any means and I’ve always had severe anxiety about dental work in general. I started having the most excruciating oral pain I’ve ever had in my life. After visiting the ER and another urgent dental spot, I was given some antibiotics and told to come back once the infection subsided. I honestly felt like no one cared I was in severe pain. I was on the antibiotics for days, no relief. I couldn’t sleep, eat, or barely talk. I was swishing cold water in my mouth for days to get any pain relief I could. I found Eagle Family after doing a simple google search. They were able to get me in the same day. I was mentally prepared to be waiting for hours or told there was nothing that could be done. Dr. Makani was able to numb me up quickly and give me an emergency extraction. No judgement whatsoever like I’ve experienced quite a few times. They let me pick out a channel on the TV in my room, which is a nice distraction. They stayed after closing to fit me in so I could have some relief. Anyone that has had severe tooth pain knows how much it means to find someone that cares and is willing to help. I seriously wrote this on the way home, gauze still in my mouth, because I am so grateful for the care I received. I am so relieved that I’ll be able to rest and eat tonight.”

- Ashley M

“I highly recommend Dr. Makhani for cosmetic dental work. He is skilled and genuinely works with each patient to achieve a result they are satisfied with. He is skilled and has the best materials and the best crown manufacturing lab available. The cost is not particularly cheap but also not much higher than the average or below average cost and well worth the quality as I don’t think it’s possible to find much better cosmetic dentistry than he offers. Completely worth it if affordable. I had a difficult case needing top crowns because there was an implant that could not be adjusted. My case took a lot of appointments. He was communicative and worked with me through the whole process to achieve a final result I was happy with. Two crowns were uncomfortable and had to be redone. We discussed what I was unhappy with and he was accommodating and had the lab remake and redo them. I paid for two additional veneers to round out the final result. He explained everything to me well and answered all of my questions. He clearly wants does everything within reason to solve my challenging case and achieved a good final result and a happy patient. Highly recommended.”

- Andrew N

“I was never a patient of this Dentist, and have no Dental insurance, but was in excruciating tooth pain and called a few places to try and be seen. This office squeezed me in an emergency visit, and I am so grateful they did. I apparently needed a root canal, which typically needs to be scheduled and takes about 2 hours. I asked the dentist just to pull my tooth because there was no way I could wait in the amount of pain I was in. He reiterated to me that was not the best option for me to loose a tooth at my age that could be saved. He decided to start the root canal to get me out of pain and I could come back to finish! I am so grateful they rearranged their schedule just to help me. Great people…. highly recommend and will be going back for future work!”

- Nicole S

“Dr. Makani is excellent!!! I have a fear of dentist and made it known. My very first appointment was an emergency extraction and it was great. I felt no pain. Dr. Makani’s staff is just as nice and understanding as he is. They called the following day to check on me. He let’s you set the pace and works with you. I have dental coverage but he doesn’t accept the coverage I have. I opted to purchase his in-house dental coverage which was very reasonable and has saved me a small fortune. Appointments 2 and 3 were just as good as my 1st appointment. My 4th has been scheduled. I have an extensive amount of dental work to be done and am having Dr. Makani do it. The office is clean and doesn’t have the typical dentist antiseptic smell and vibe. I can’t say enough good things about this dental practice.”

- Stacy A

“Dr. Makani, Swati and the Staff at Eagle Family Smiles are a fine Team of professionals there to help and make you comfortable about all your dental needs. Dr. Makani does a fine job and always explains what he is doing and most important to me, he explains why. As an Engineer, I appreciate the Doctors explanations which describes his approach to doing what is right for the patient, (me and You!). His step by step approach is how I expect to be treated and he delivers with every visit. Swati does whatever it takes to assure your insurance carrier provides the best service available through their coverage.I highly recommend Dr. Makani and his Team for all your dental issues. Eagle Family Smiles is a great place to visit to maintain excellent dental and oral health!”

- Dominick E

Dr. Makani is my favorite dentist. He is so thorough with everything he does and in explaining my care but I also love how he values a patient’s time. I use to hate going to the dentist as it made me very anxious but I no longer feel that way and am not putting off things that needed to be done under Dr. Makani’s care. The little lady at the front desk is also very helpful when I have any questions regarding my coverage! If you read this Dr. Makani, thank you! I recommend this office to everyone who is looking for dental care. My friends have brought their children and rave about how he is so good with kids too!

- Pinky P

“I love this place. I was so scared to come to the dentist due to my childhood. The staff is very friendly and professional I felt like I was at home and know them for years. I got extraction done and it was painless. Dr. Makani made sure that I do not feel any pain. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone! This was my first time here and I will continue to come back to this place! Thanks Dr. Makani and Eagle Family Smiles for making me feel great!”

- Valerie O

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